pre purchase marine surveyPre-Purchase Marine Survey

The pre-purchase marine survey is a detailed survey of all aspects of a vessel's condition and operation for a new or used boat. Inspection areas include hull, deck and house structural integrity, dry dock or out of water hull exam, examination of through hull fittings, outboard propulsion and shafting arrangements, steering systems, propulsion and control systems, electrical systems and on board electronics. fuel systems, sewage retention and treatment systems, potable water systems, auxiliary sail systems, USCG and State Authority required safety and emergency equipment, placards registration or certification information, general condition and overall maintenance of the vessel and well as compliance with applicable US Coast Guard safety construction requirements and the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards for Small Craft.


insurance surveysInsurance Surveys

Insurance Surveys may be required by your marine insurance carrier to determine level of risk and market value of your vessel. These inspections focus on structural integrity, through-hull fittings and overall maintenance and safety of the vessel for its intended uses.  In some cases, dry dock or haul out may be required to perform these inspections.




appraisal inspectionAppraisal Inspection

Appraisal Inspections gather the required information about your vessel to assess the fair market value. These surveys are useful for estimating the fair market sale prices, settling estates, donating your vessel for tax benefit and refinancing.




damage inspectionDamage Inspection

If you are involved in a marine accident, you may need a Damage Survey. Damage Surveys gather critical information to assess the extent of the damage to your vessel,  provide repair cost estimates and determine cause if requested.