Northeast Marine Technical Services offers 30 years of US Coast Guard and Maritime Industry experience in Marine Safety and Naval Engineering as a resource for your Marine Transportation Business.

Regulatory Compliance Survey Program

Specializing in Small Passenger Vessels Compliance Monitoring of Vessel Operations Annual USCG Vessel Inspection Preparation, Marine Crew Training and Drill Evaluation. Compliance with regulatory requirements is an important investment of your time and assets.

Get the most out of your investments and minimize downtime with and Commercial Vessel Compliance System customized to meet your needs.

Compliance with Regulations : Regulations governing the Marine Industry are far reaching and complex.

Internal Structural Examination: USCG Inspectors conduct detailed inspections of all aspects of your vessels construction and operation.

Be ready with a detailed internal compliance audit tailored for your operation, Not theirs.

Marine Crew Training

Marine Crew Training focuses on preparation and execution of shipboard drills and required annual USCG training for crew members on board inspected Small Passenger Vessels, Ferries, Commercial Fishing Vessels and other Uninspected Vessels. 

Training and drills are performed using vessels posted bills, instructions, Safety Management Systems or other vessels operations management systems. 

Training and drills are all hands evolutions which attempt to exercise all aspects of the vessels emergency plan. 

At the dock and underway training packages to train and exercise and evaluate your crews ability to respond to shipboard emergencies such as Fire, Fire in the Machinery Space, Man Overboard,  Collision, Grounding, Flooding and Abandon Ship.

USCG Inspected Vessel Construction, Alteration and Repair Project Consulting and Management

When repairs or alterations are needed to your commercial vessel the impact on your company's bottom line can be daunting.

Minimize downtown and business losses due to repairs and alterations to US Coast Guard Inspected Vessels with skilled, experienced USCG Inspected Vessel Construction, Repair and Alterations Project Consulting and Management.

Start to finish project management, full progress reporting and project documentation. 

Liaison with USCG Inspectors, submit alternatives to regulatory requirements, requests for relief or appeals of formal decision.